Red Arrows confirmed for Newcastle

***** Red Arrows confirmed for Newcastle *****

News broke this morning, the Red Arrows are coming back to Newcastle. The Reds have become a regular fixture in Newcastle since the shows maiden airshow in 2010 having only not been booked for Newcastle in 2012 when they were booked in Russia at the Russian Air Force 100th Anniversary Air Show 2012.

The Red Arrows also sadly missed last summers show due to technical issues that caused them to not be able to do a full 9 ship practice after their 2 week break which is required of them.

The Red Arrows fly 9 T1 Hawk aircraft fitted with special smoke systems to create their Red White and Blue smoke having switched from the Folland Gnat at the end of 1979. The Red Arrows are based out of RAF Scrampton.

So note the date, The RAF Red Arrows are coming back, Saturday 6th August 2016 will see 9 jets in formation above the skies of Newcastle!

Photo from RAF

Newcastle Festival of Flight's photo.

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